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Learn more about my journey into creating comedy.
The Room Above
Harry Allmark is the Artistic Director of the 50-seat fringe theatre and comedy venue located above the White Bear pub, Bristol.
Livin' in a Town Called Stroke
A couple of weeks ago my nan sadly suffered a stroke. Since then I've been taking care of her while she recovers and now she's feeling better I've started filming us over lunch while we have a chat and a laugh about any old thing. So, join me (Harry Allmark) and my nan while we cook
Outside and All Together
A Comedy Sketch Show, filmed entirely in lockdown
Sketch Comedy
Harry Allmark is an award winning sketch performer with the Bristol Revunions.
Improv Theatre
This page features a portfolio of all the improv theatre I have been a part of - either as a performer or director - with the University of Bristol's comedy improvisation society or on the wider improv network.
Prize Whale Productions
Bristol Based Comedy Theatre Company
Founded by Harry Allmark, Eddie FJ, Matthew Wilson and Ted Milligan
The Dishonourable and Daring Life of Joan Bracey
The Dishonourable and Daring Life of Joan Bracey is a devised piece of theatre developed during lockdown. Directed by Harry Allmark
The National Youth Film Academy
For a year and a half Harry Allmark was a producer role for The National Youth Film Academy.
Slapstick Festival 2020
Harry Allmark is the Assistant Events Manager for the Slapstick Festival 2020.
Ted Talks
Harry Allmark was the director of Ted Milligan's final year performance for the University of Bristol; called 'Ted Talks'
Stand-Up + Clowning
Harry's personal style of stand-up comedy takes inspiration from Commedia Dell'Arte mixed with absurdist clown. Harry performs sets that involve multi-roling different slapstick characters in farcical situations.
Thursdays, We Play Pool
A comedic piece of new-writing, written by Harry Allmark and is a slapstick take on growing up
Puppetry Theatre
Harry Allmark is and experienced puppeteer and director of puppet theatre, find our more about his puppetry projects.
The Butt and Oyster
The live radio sitcom follows the whacky adventures of Harry and Eddie as they try to keep their local pub - The Butt and Oyster - from closing its doors
Super-Spy is a naturalistic dark comedy written and directed by Harry Allmark.
Complete Past Works
See a complete list of all Harry Allmark's past works, or download the CV to see the highlights.
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