The Dishonourable and Daring Life of Joan Bracey is a devised piece of new writing that was developed during lockdown by a group of final year theatre students to finish their course at The University of Bristol. The piece was developed by Harry Allmark, Adelaide Hitchinson, Lydia Bowen-Williams, Tom Hayes, Bella Chang and Charlotte Churm. The piece was developed alongside a production pack portfolio which was developed by Bella, Lyida and Charlotte - while the performance was scripted by Adelaide, Directed by Harry and composed by Tom.
The story is based around highway woman Joan Bracey whose story is archived in the Women Who Built Bristol book by Jane Duffus. We were drawn to the story as Joan would dress as a man on the highway to command more respect from her victims and with issues still surrounding feminism we were interested by her narrative and how it was, somewhat, decided for her by society.
We hope you enjoy the piece which is attached below.

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