Super-Spy was a naturalistic comedy written and directed by Harry Allmark in the Dramsoc society's showcase 'Something Old, Something New', in early 2018.
The plot was based around two hitmen who have kidnapped a victim to interrogate - however, when the victim wakes up he can't remember anything! Including his own name! Due to being hit so hard on the head by blue, one of the hitmen. The comedy came as the two hitmen (out of their depth) struggled to deal with the situation.
During the rehearsal process Harry normal likes to create and open rehearsal room where the script acts as a guideline / starting point and the cast & creative team work together to devise a piece more fitting to each individual performer. However, this was the first time Harry directed one of his pieces where the performers had to stick to the script and we used the rehearsal process to explore different ways of delivering each line - to find the most affective way to personally say each line with specific meaning.
I hope you enjoy the video below. 

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