Outside and All Together is a comedy sketch show that was filmed entirely during the 2020 lockdown. Written and Directed by Harry Allmark, Jack Butler and Lois Johnson-Perkins. The project was the final piece of work submitted by Harry, Jack and Lois for their film degree at The University of Bristol. When everyone was tasked with making a short film, lockdown meant all projects were dropped and the practical was to be a pitch/portfolio of what the film would have looked like. Harry, Jack and Lois were the only group who still made a film in their year.
It was important to them as a team not to create a sketch show that was centred around the pandemic and lockdown life - a show that would lift people's spirits rather than remind them of the situation. 
The video below is a the show with a run time of 15 minutes. Please enjoy.​​​​​​​
P.S. The quality isn't great on the website, so if you want to see it in better quality you can watch it on YouTube via the button.
Deleted Scenes!
While writing and filming Tropical Stuart the plan was forms character to feature in a 3 sketches, all spoofing both Joe Exotic and the lockdown trend of trying to move outdoor, physical group activities online. Below are the other 2 parts (and something a little extra).
Tropical Stuart Part Two
Tropical Stuart Part Three
Tropical Stuart (Something Extra)

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