In 2016 I was commissioned by the NHS to make a comedic short film based around their new campaign #endPJparalysis
The campaign was an evolution of previous NHS campaigns starting with Red and Greens days, which evolved to the last 1000 days and eventually to #endPJparalysis. The basis behind the campaign surrounds the theory that when people feel ill they like to spend their time in bed lying in their pyjamas until they feel better - and this is only stretched out in hospital. However, when a person over 80 years old spends too much time in bed their muscles deteriorate at a much faster rate than a young person. This equates to the equivalent that for every 10 days a person over 80 spends in bed it's as if a young person has spent 10 years in bed. This muscle deterioration results in people over 80 moving out of their bed less and less which is linked to poor health and ramps up the chances that once a person over 80 is first admitted into hospital; odds are the will have passed away within the next 1000 days.
To comedically raise awareness about this problem we decided to make a video as if the roles were reverse and if it was vital that you got your grandchildren out of bed - how would you react? 
I hope you enjoy the video. 

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