Prized Whale Comedy Night (24/10/19)
Compered, Produced and and Directed by Harry Allmark. The show feature stand-up by Rosa Handscomb, Andy Simpson & Jack Butler is the first act follow by Big Seagull Improv and a closing number by Johnny 2-Teeth - Music by Tom Hayes.

Dynamite! Comedy Night
Harry Allmark performed as an improviser in the first Dynamite! Comedy Night of the new academic year. Produced by Bristol Improv.

Prized Whale Productions' Launch Party
Compered, Produced and Directed by Harry Allmark, who also performed in the improvised section of the show.

Bristol Improv Presents: Offscript!
Directed by Harry Allmark, Bristol Improv Presents: Offscript! is the improvised 'making-of' a play or film. When you watch a show you only see half the action. Join Bristol Improv for the drama that unfolds both on and off the stage. Performed 3 shows in Bristol and from the 2nd - 17th August 2019 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️​​​​​​​ 'The Derek Awards' ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'Binge Fringe Mag'

Bristol Improv Presents: Dynamite!
Produced by Harry Allmark, Bristol Improv Presents: Dynamite! is Bristol Improv's regular comedy showcase in Bristol making is debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Dynamite! Features a selection of short form improv games selected by the cast of talented improvisers.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'The Derek Awards' ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'Binge Fringe Mag'

This is NOT My Life: The Improvised Late Night Chat Show.
Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan are back with a further developed version of their show Tee Hee 2. Rather than the multi-rolling chat show  format, an interviewer speaks to a celebrity about their life and how the ended up in the spotlight. Performed in Improv Cage Match at the Edinburgh Fringe.

SU Society Awards 2019
Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan were invited back to once again host the SU Society Awards.

Performing Arts Forum's 2019 Summer Ball
Harry Allmark hosted the Summer Ball for the Performing Arts Forum for the University of Bristol. The ball is know for having fantastic acts and hosted by someone who is showcasing great talent in the comedy societies. Previous hosts have included Ted Milligan and James Trickey.

University of Bristol’s Debating Society; Fresher’s Introduction 
Harry Allmark performed as a clown in a piece he'd written himself. The piece was 10 minutes long and saw Harry Allmark multi-rolling as different Stereotypical characters one might find at The University of Bristol.

Class in Comedy - Workshop and Discussion
Developed by Harry Allmark, Rosa Handscomb and Jacob Burley. Class in Comedy - Workshop and Discussion - was created for Bristol Improv and was one of three workshops that took place over the academic year, created to discuss the issues that surround contemporary comedy. Coming from lower-income households Rosa, Jacob and Harry developed a workshop to highlight the issues currently surround the comedy industry and how we might be able to solve these issues in a modern day.

Tee Hee 2: The Improvised Late Night Talk Show
Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan Perform their newly devised format of an improvised chat show during a theatre festival arranged by the theatre department society at the University of Bristol. The show saw Harry Allmark (Interviewer) get fake celebrities from the audience which Ted Milligan would then improvise as during an interview. We interviewed 3 different characters in front of a sold out audience and discovered a format we believed had a real future.

Improv and Magic Collaborations Workshop
Harry Allmark and George Hunt developed a new experimental workshop which attempted to blend a comedic improvised scene structure with close-up/sight-of-hand magic tricks. The workshop was a success and resulted in the development of a few scenes which could include close-up magic that would take place during an improvised scene.

Hilarity: The Improvised Comedy Festival 
Harry Allmark Produced and Performed in Hilarity: The Improvised Comedy Festival with for Bristol Improv. As President of the Society myself and the rest of the committee organised the second annual student ran improvised comedy festival. We had performances from visiting societies from other Universities and from professional improv troupes from across the South West of England.

The Butt and Oyster
The Butt and Oyster is a radio sitcom written by and starring Harry Allmark and Eddie FJ. It's currently being adapted in a live performance.

Fall of the Kingdom, Rise of the Foot solider
Harry Allmark performed as an actor in the play which tackled racism in contemporary Britain.

Dynamite! Comedy Night!
Dynamite! Comedy Night! Is the fortnightly stand-up and improv comedy night ran by Bristol Improv. Harry regularly performs in this night as either a stand-up, compére or improviser. When he became President of the Society he would assist the Dynamite Representative - Jacob Burley - in Producing and ensuring the success of the evening.

Avenue Q
Harry Allmark directed a section of the musical 'Avenue Q' for MTB's Showcase. You can read more about it here.

Bristol Spotlights Present: CRAM
Harry Allmark performed as an actor in the new writing showcase. He performed as 'SharkBoi' (Which spoofed 'Fuck Bois') in a segment where a murder had taken place in Spongebob Squarepants' Home.

Bristol Revunions Present: ParaHoops
'ParaHoops' was the highlights shows which took some of the favourite sketches from The Bristol Revunions' 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Run. Harry Performed as a sketch performer.

Bristol Improv Presents: Story Slam
Harry Allmark performed with Bristol Improv in their show Bristol Improv Presents: Story Slam through the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Bristol Revunions Presents: Hoops!
'Hoops' was the free show that Bristol Revunions took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. Harry Allmark was a sketch performer and the show one them the Derek Award for 'Best PBH Show 2018'.

SU Society Awards 2018
Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan Co-Hosted the 2018 SU Society Awards.

Georgie and the Dragon
Harry Allmark performed as an actor and puppeteer for the children's theatre piece 'Georgie and the Dragon'. The show was aimed at children who suffer from autism and find it easier to create a bond with a puppet rather than a human.

Bristol Improv Presents: School'd! The Improvised High School Drama
Harry Allmark Performed in Bristol Improv's final Longform of the year - School'd! The Improvised High School Drama. We performed 2 shows and were met with a great response. The show would get an event we were leading up to (i.e. School Dance,  Swimming Gala, Arts & Crafts Fair) and then improvise the story of a group of high-schoolers leadings up to this event.

The Impressionist Horror: An Improvised Exploration into Everyday Tragedy
The Impressionist Horror was Directed by John McInnes and feature a cast of improvisers using a Harold to explore the emotions that could unfold between real people after real-life tragedy. The performances were non-comedic.

The naturalistic dark comedy written and directed by Harry Allmark. The piece saw two hitmen in a situation way out of their depth.

Bristol Improv Presents: Festive Show
Harry Allmark's first Longform performance was Bristol Improv's Festive Show. Which was an comedic improvised family drama revolving around Christmas Dinner. The cast got a suggestion for a moral of the story they had to learn by the end of the show.

Bristol Revunions Halloween Show
Harry Allmark performed as a sketch performer in the Revunions Halloween Show.

Sleuths (Pilot)
Sleuths was a pilot episode for a series which saw Joe and Harry attempting to become cheap private investigators so they don't get evicted from the garage they rent. Written and Directed by Harry Allmark. The concept is currently being revisited by Harry Allmark and Seb Flatau.

Thursdays, We Play Pool
'Thursday, We Play Pool' is a full-length slapstick comedy play written and directed by Harry Allmark. You can learn more about the project here.

Grafters (Short)
Grafters was a short film written and directed by Harry Allmark. Harry wrote it while working as a groundworker and based the script on experiences and funny situations himself or the other employees found themselves in.

ASBO (Short)
ASBO was a short film written and directed by Harry Allmark. It was based off a film concept Harry Allmark had come up with in school while studying a media studies GCSE.

Cinderella the Panto
Harry played Cinders' lovable best friend 'Buttons' in LHK Productions' Cinderella the Panto in Wrexham with Ricky Rayment (TOWIE) as Prince Charming. Directed by Michael Jenkins.

Les Miserables
Harry Allmark was Thenardier in the production of 'Les Miserables' produced by Get Your Wigle On.

Made in Dagenham
Harry Allmark multi-rolled in his college production of the musical 'Made in Dagenham' mainly playing the antagonist role of 'Tooley'.

Little Shop of Horrors
Harry Allmark played the role of 'Mr Mushnik' in the Moreton Hall production of the musical 'Little Shop of Horrors'.

The Beautiful Game
Harry Allmark performed in the Key Theatre Academy's production of 'The Beautiful Game'. Directed by Lucy and Chris Key.

Guys and Dolls
Harry Allmark performed as Nicely-Nicely Johnson in his college production of Guys and Dolls.

Grease: The Musical
Harry Allmark was cast as 'Kenickie' in Moreton Hall's production of 'Grease: The Musical'.

Noises Off
Harry Allmark was cast as 'Tim Allgood' in Mad Cow Productions' run of Michael Frayn's 'Noises Off'. 

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